I spent most of this week setting up my live stream and I am pretty pumped about it. I will be streaming most days from 4pm - 7pm EST while I write and work on special projects. Follow AHH OOH...

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How I escaped the living hell of being a musician in 2019

“What is the most important platform for an artist to look good on?” Almost all of my seasoned music industry friends responded to this question with “Instagram and Spotify.” I hadn’t released any music in 2 years and I didn’t want my grand return efforts focused in the wrong places.

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I Love Myself is out now!

AHH OOH - I Love Myself   1. I Love Myself (2:41)Written and recorded on Maui, HII put more new music out today!!! This is a feel good, self-love, dance jam designed to help people shout "I LOVE MYSELF" in any situation. I...

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